About us

E-Visual Studio is an independent business with a reputation for honest friendly service based in London. We provide top quality photography and filming for all occasions throughout the UK and other European countries.


Director & Chief Photographer Enzo G is a talented and creative photographer with background in fashion and advertising. He has master degree in Commercial Photography and has more than 14 years working experience in boutique wedding, portraiture, fashion and event photography. Over the year, Enzo has won international and China advertising photography competition awards more than 20 times.


We are also a group of talented and dedicated people skilled in TV Ads, video production and print advertisement. We are passionate about what we do and strive to offer our clients with outstanding results, no matter what size or budget.


Our studio has very good relationship and work closely with local media such as TVBS-Europe, Singtao Daily and UK Chinese (Ying Zhong Newspaper). We used to work with many Chinese stars, such as Mi Yang, Bingbing Li, Jolin Tsai, Nick Cheung, Peter Ho San Chan, Ming Dow, Leo Ku, G.E.M, Mayday, Likun Wang, Laure Shang, Alfred Hui etc.

Our Equipment:

Camera body: Canon 5D mark IV & Canon 5D mark III

Lens: All lenses are Canon's series of L lenses (Canon Luxury Lenses). 3 prime lens & 2 zoom lens. Lenses focus length range covering from 16mm to 300mm, maximum aperture f = 1.2.

Others: Canon flashlight, LED video light, tripod (monopod), camera rail slider, video stabilisation system, SONY stereo microphone, aerial camera and 5 different colour reflectors etc.